Pregnant Woman Claims Gym Asked Her To Leave Because Of Her Baby Bump

Planet Fitness

A pregnant woman working out at a Planet Fitness gym claims that she was asked to leave because her “belly was hanging out.”

Melissa Mantor, who is 18 weeks pregnant, said she was mid-workout Monday evening when an employee came up to her and told her she had to leave the Sam Rittenberg gym location.

“I was on the treadmill for about 10 minutes before I was approached by a girl who came up to me telling me that she is going to have to ask me to leave,” Mantor said to WCIV. “I was very confused by this and thought I may have heard her wrong. She told me again that I am not able to continue my workout until I change my clothes because I am in violation of their dress code.”

Exposed midriffs are not mention in the Planet Fitness Corporate Dress Code that does ban “string tank tops” which Mantor was wearing at the time.

Mantor explained that she has several of the same tank top in various colors that she wears to the gym all the time and that gym staff have never had a problem with them. In her membership file, she is wearing a gray tank top for her photo taken at the gym.

“I was very confused. She continued telling that my belly was hanging out and I need to get it covered up,” Mantor explained to WCIV. “I told her at that time ‘Of course my belly is hanging out, I am pregnant.’ She handed me a very large t-shirt while telling me that what I was wearing was inappropriate and in violation of their dress code.”

Mantor admits that the tank top does ride up when she moves around while working out but it was never a problem at the gym before.

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