Jamie Oliver: This obesity strategy is a cop out | guardian.co.uk

As expected, I’m far from impressed with the government’s empty, pointless obesity strategy. It’s clear they don’t know what to do and are incapable of any vision.

Simply telling people what they already know – that they need to eat less and move more – is a complete cop out. The country’s bill of health is shocking, and it’s not going to get any better over the next 30 years if a clearly-defined plan isn’t put into place soon. We simply can’t afford the financial or health costs of doing nothing.

This whole strategy is just worthless, regurgitated, patronising rubbish. Any of us could walk into any primary school in the country and find plenty of eight-year-olds with more creative solutions to these problems. It’s a farce.

Education is the key here. We need to give people the knowledge to be able to make better choices before we start making empty noises about encouraging people to eat better food. I have seen myself that giving practical information and teaching within schools and communities can make a real difference. We need more practical help and less hot air.

Jamie Oliver: This obesity strategy is a cop out | Comment is free | guardian.co.uk